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Aerial Yoga for Kids

Remote Learning Option

Whether you are a parent looking to better support your child, or a teacher wishing to understand how best to serve the needs of young humans, this course is perfect for you. Aerial Yoga is an incredible vehicle for offering opportunities for children to build confidence as they build physical strength and engage safely in 'risk' based play.  Aerial Yoga also offers ways to equip children with tools for self regulation which can increase calm and concentration.

In this course you will learn the content, language and skills to share an Aerial Yoga offering that meets the fun, fantastic and unique needs of children aged 2.5-12 years. 


Prepare to laugh and play and clown about in this energetic and exciting Teacher Training! 

Course Content

  • 20 hours hands on training and mentorship.

  • 40+ Age appropriate Asana.

  • Earth & Air Aerial Yoga for Kids Teachers Manual (distributed exclusively at the training). 

  • Age appropriate Aerial Asana with relevant Benefits, Cautions and Modifications.

  • Verbal cues and language tailored specifically for an Aerial Yoga offering for children and pre-teens. 

  • Spotting and Hands-on Assists.

  • Meeting the needs of different learners.

  • A complete roadmap to sequencing and structuring Aerial Yoga classes for ages 2.5-12 years.

  • Certificate of completion.

Upfront Investment: $500 (AfterPay is available)

*Previous Elevate Aerial Academy course attendees receive a 5% discount.

Required Prerequisite - N/A

Recommended Prerequisite - Elevate Aerial Academy Aerial Yoga - Foundations

This certificate can be accessed as a 'stand-alone', however, the knowledge acquired in the Aerial Yoga Foundationscertificate will significantly enhance your learning experience, offering you a far greater depth of understanding and a vastly improved teaching repertoire.

Upcoming Training

January 8-10, 2024

This Teacher Training will take place via a Remote Learning pathway including live video sessions and home based learning.

Enrolment closes December 22, 2024

What People Say ...

Dabbing in Water

I enjoyed playing!

Painted Hands

This course was fun and engaging.  It was extremely useful and I really felt that it enhanced my prior learnings of Level 1 Aerial Yoga and Dance Hammock.

Happy Little Girl

Chantelle is knowledgable, concise, clear and relatable. 

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