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Chantelle Rawlings

Aerial Yoga Specialist and Expert Aerial Arts Choreographer & Coach 

Chantelle Rawlings, the visionary founder of Elevate Aerial Academy, is a true force to be reckoned with in the world of aerial arts. With over 25 years of experience in dance, movement modalities, and performing arts, Chantelle's passion and expertise are unmatched.


With more than a decade of teaching experience and an impressive 5,000+ hours of aerial instruction, Chantelle is renowned for her incredible technical knowledge and unparalleled ability to refine and polish her students. Her dedication to excellence has earned her a reputation as one of the foremost instructors in the field.


Chantelle's expertise extends beyond the studio walls as her exceptional skills as an aerial yoga specialist have earned her invitations to present at prestigious national and international yoga festivals. Instructing hundreds of participants, many of whom were experiencing Aerial Yoga for the first time, Chantelle's teachings have made a profound impact, introducing and inspiring individuals to this transformative practice.


Chantelle has dedicated years of study, development, and expertise to the creation of specialist aerial hammock certification programs. With meticulous care, she has crafted these courses over the last decade, earning them wide recognition as preeminent and exceptional. Through these comprehensive programs, Chantelle aims to cultivate the very best aerial teachers and thus elevate standards within the aerial industry.


At Elevate Aerial Academy, Chantelle's unique blend of technical expertise, artistic expression, and dedication to the craft creates an environment where students can flourish. Her classes offer an enriching journey, where students are able to unlock their potential and strive for excellence, revealing the extraordinary capabilities within themselves.

Chantelle’s education, training & experience includes:


  • 25+ years experience in dance, movement modalities and performing arts

  • 15+ years as an educator

  • 10+ years teaching Aerial Arts

  • 10+ years as a Bodyworker.

  • BA (Hons) Performing Arts

  • Grad Dip Ed

  • 2-year Aerial Yoga Teacher Mentorship 

  • 2-year Aerial Pilates Teacher Mentorship

  • 2-year Dance Hammock Teacher Mentorship

  • L1 Bowen Therapy 

  • ACROVINYASA L1 Teacher Training 

  • AcroYoga for Kids Teacher Training

  • Sky Yoga Aerial Yoga L2 Teacher Training 

  • 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training

  • L3 Hawaiian Ceremonial Massage  

  • Flow & Fly Aerial Yoga Yin & Restore Teacher Training 

A super windy day on the beach, but beach walks with this chick are always amazing 💕 ___#

Jana - Physiotherapist

Chantelle is the most beautiful person, both inside and out.  She listens intently to what is causing your troubles which allows her to treat you on spiritual, emotional and physical levels.  She has the ability to bring you back down to earth with her words, and heal you with her hands.  Her touch is strong, yet gentle.  She will take the time to explain to you what is happening to your body both physically and metaphysically.  I would not hesitate to recommend Chantelle as a Bowen Therapist, Aerial and ACROVINYASA instructor.  She has my full confidence and is the top of my list to call on when I need help with my broken body. 

To the woman who changed my life. Thank you. Thank you for standing with me when I stumble

Janice - Artistic Director

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with and even train exceptional individuals.  Chantelle began as a client with me, and was quickly recognized to have talents needing to be shared.  After completing her initial Aerial Training she quickly became a leading instructor at Posture Positive with a passion for learning.  With many years of continued developmental training she is now a respected peer whom I call upon for advice.  There is no doubt from the moment you meet this soul you know you are in good hands.  Her dedication to her ongoing training is unprecedented.  She has a caring, calm and patient approach with everyone she works with, and takes the time to connect, listen and support those around her.   If you want to grow as an individual, spend time with Chantelle.


Kate - Aerial Instructor

Chantelle is one of those rare gems that are few and far between.  She has a beautiful and soulful way about her, along with great knowledge of the human body.  Chantelle is professional and encouraging and all round the loveliest lady you will ever meet.  After a session with her my body, mind and soul feel utterly nourished!  I travel from Brisbane every week to train with Chantelle rather than anyone else, as I’ve found no one better.

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