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Dance Hammock Foundations

In-person Intensive

Discover the joy of self-expression through movement in our Dance Hammock Foundations Aerial Certification Program. This 15-hour training is perfect for anyone who wants to explore the art of dance using the Aerial Hammock. Whether you are a seasoned aerialist or simply love to move, this course will guide you through interesting sequences and help you unlock your creativity.


This course is essential for all aerial arts teachers interested in gaining skills with the Aerial Hammock/Sling because it provides a comprehensive framework for learning the fundamental skills necessary for mastering aerial arts. From safety protocols to building strength and flexibility, this program lays the groundwork for a successful and sustainable aerial practice.


What sets our program apart is the meticulous attention to detail in each foundational skill. We focus not only on the physical techniques but also on fostering a deep understanding of the principles behind this aerial art. This empowers our students to not just replicate movements, but to truly embody and innovate within the art form.


By completing this program, teachers and aerialists gain a solid understanding of the core principles of dance hammock specifically but also aerial arts in general, allowing them to progress with confidence and creativity. Furthermore, our certification provides a mark of quality and safety, which is increasingly important in the industry today.


Celebrate your body and tap into your individual expression as you flow gracefully through the air. This course is a beautiful opportunity to enhance your skills and reconnect with yourself.

Course Content

  • 15-hours hands on training and mentorship.

  • 42+ Drops, Flips and Wraps.

  • Elevate Aerial Academy Aerial Dance Foundations full colour manual (distributed exclusively at the teacher training). 

  • Applied understanding of anatomy.

  • Alignment and Safe Practice.

  • Certificate of completion.


  • The final assessment includes both a written and practical assessment.

  • All assessment items will receive verbal and written feedback.

Upfront Investment: $375 

*Previous Elevate Aerial Academy course attendees receive a 5% discount.

Upcoming Training

February 24-25, 2024

This Teacher Training will take place at the Elevate Aerial Studio located in the beautiful hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

Bookings close February 14th, 2024

I’m so excited to let you all know that I’ll be hanging out at this year’s #wanderlust108

What People Say ...

Dancer in Sunset

I loved the amazing opportunity to explore creative expression in a completely new way.

Leaping Dancer

I LOVED this training! It allowed a new part of myself to surface - my creativity flowed, I felt strong and supported.

I learned so much!


I really enjoyed opening myself up to the possibilities.  

I felt challenged and vulnerable, but had so much fun!

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