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In-person Intensive

Art and self expression are one of the greatest joys of this human experience. Whether you consider yourself a dancer or simply love to express yourself through movement, you will love this Teacher Training!

Celebrate your body and give voice to your individual. creativity as you flow through interesting sequences and explore the art of dance with the use of the Aerial Hammock. 

Dance Hammock Level 2

Course Content

  • 20 hours hands on training and mentorship.

  • 40+ Drops, Flips and Wraps.

  • Earth & Air Aerial Dance - Level 1 Teachers Manual (distributed exclusively at the teacher training). 

  • Functional understanding of anatomy.

  • Alignment and Safe Practice.

  • A complete roadmap to sequencing an Aerial Dance routine class for a variety of teaching spaces.

  • Certificate of completion.


  • The final assessment includes both a written and practical assessment.

  • All assessment items will receive verbal and written feedback.

Upfront Investment: $500 

*Previous Earth & Air Course Attendees receive a 5% discount.

Required Prerequisite - Elevate Aerial Academy Dance Hammock - Level 1

Upcoming Training


This Teacher Training will take place at the Elevate Aerial Yoga Studio located in the beautiful hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

I’m so excited to let you all know that I’ll be hanging out at this year’s #wanderlust108

What People Say ...

Dancer in Sunset

I loved the amazing opportunity to explore creative expression in a completely new way.

Leaping Dancer

I LOVED this training! It allowed a new part of myself to surface - my creativity flowed, I felt strong and supported.

I learned so much!


I really enjoyed opening myself up to the possibilities.  

I felt challenged and vulnerable, but had so much fun!

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