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Aerial Yoga Foundations 

In-person Immersion

A Teacher Training gifts you with the experience of deepening your practice and reconnecting with self. This aerial course is an intensive 2-day immersion learning experience with Aerial Yoga specialist, Chantelle Rawlings and designed to offer a deeper understanding and form an excellent foundation for future learning. This essential teacher training provides a pathway to becoming a deeply informed and highly skilled teacher. 

Why should you choose this Aerial Yoga training? ​

  • Elevate is one of the most beautiful Aerial studios in Australia and provides an amazing atmosphere for a teacher training. 

  • With a maximum of 7 people, each teacher training is tailored to meet the specific needs of the individuals.

  • This is not a franchise which insists you teach to a script. Instead you receive a solid foundation which enables you to teach safely and with confidence in your own authentic way. 

  • Adjustments, spotting and personal feedback for your teaching is guaranteed!

  • Upon completing this training you gain lifetimes access to mentorship with Chantelle Rawlings, providing you with continuous guidance and support throughout your teaching journey.

  • Accommodation is available. 


Who can join this training?

  • If you love Aerial Yoga, you are welcome!

Course Content

  • 15 hours hands on training and mentorship.

  • 28+ Aerial poses with Benefits, Cautions and Modifications

  • The Foundations full colour manual (distributed exclusively at the teacher training). 

  • Acupressure  Points for an Aerial Yoga context.

  • Broad understanding of anatomy and biomechanics in an Aerial Yoga context.

  • Physical and philosophical connection between yoga and aerial practices.

  • Introduction to Aerials.

  • Rigging and Equipment care.

  • Alignment and Safe Practice.

  • Spotting and Hands-on Adjustments.

  • Offering effective verbal cues

  • A complete roadmap to sequencing and structuring a foundational Aerial Yoga class for a variety of teaching spaces.

  • Certificate of completion.


  • Assessments are ongoing throughout the training.

  • The final assessment includes both a practical and written assessment.

  • All assessment items will receive verbal and written feedback.

Investment: $375 (AfterPay is available)

*Previous Elevate Aerial Academy course attendees receive a 5% discount.

Accomodation is available on request.

Upcoming Training

July 27 - 28, 2024

This Teacher Training will take place at Elevate Aerial Academy located in the beautiful hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Enrolment closes July 20, 2024

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What People Say ...

Beach Yoga

This training has given me a deep level of respect for Chantelle.  It was very informative and eye opening! 

Beach Yoga

Chantelle's wisdom, knowledge and ability to read everyone's needs during the training made for an amazing experience.


Chantelle created a supportive space where I felt comfortable to ask questions and engage in an emotional journey.

I'm so appreciative of what I have learned! 

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